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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Power of Daylight !!

Daylight or one may even refer to it as Sunlight, as it approaches and remains mainly during partial Ante Meridiem and Post Meridiem, that is AM and PM as we normally say. So, as this topic is mainly about benefits of Daylight.

In, above image graph is plotted between Spectral irradiance and Wavelength.
Irradiance: It is the power of electromagnetic radiation per unit area; that is radiative flux, incident on a surface.

The, Sunlight which reaches our Planet Earth, the prime solar wave radiation which indeed is EM wave that is Electromagnetic Wave consists of Ultraviolet rays, which are further classified into Ultraviolet C, Ultraviolet B, Ultraviolet C bands. Among these, Ultraviolet A or UVA which spans to total of 315 to 360 nm has been noticed to be less harmful to DNA, and is therefore used in treating skin related health issues. And, UVB range spans from 280 to 315 nm is greatly absorbed by atmosphere and is responsible for photochemical reaction leading to production of ozone layer and this dose cause DNA damage leading to sunburn. The, third one that is UVC whose range spans from 100 to 280 nm. It, is mostly absorbed by atmosphere and hardly reaches Earths surface. UVC has germicidal properties and so is used in germicidal lamps.

I would say the natural light that is sunlight holds numerous benefits for all. As, it has been nurturing all living beings on this planet from ages. Modern science has been successful in generating light in various forms, to the earliest invention of light bulb, that is incandescent light bulbs during late 19th century.To, the latest in using Light Emiting Diodes in commercial and normal house hold lighting purposes, higher since 2011.

To, list different artificial lighting they are :-
You, can find much more detailed explanation on artificial lighting from above mentioned links.
Now, although in todays world one cannot think to do any worthful intensive research work during several days and nights. So, we do require these artificial lighting for all. But, still along with this, major population of the World has started to take the daylight, that is sunshine for granted. We, should think on this and try to complete most of our work during this day time. Because, nothing can match upto the intensity with which the sunshine illuminates the Earth.