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Monday, 19 October 2015

Nitinol; Memory Alloy

Nitinol, a metal alloy of Nickel and Titanium. Capable, to act in very unusual way. As, it contracts in lower temperature and then becomes normal as temperature increases.

Research, upon it is being done from many years back. To, understand its structure. And, how we could harness free energy from it. Be, it in automobiles, or any mechanised system that requires continuous motion. It, has been noticed that the efficiency of Nitinol, increases with its working.

 Again, here we could just judge that, that even though of its findings from 1950's and more research in 1970's, all by U.S. Most, of us i guess don't know of it. One, thing is that it can be used in many engg. fields to produce so much of free energy. All, the research on free energy is always hindered by big corporates of the developed countries & their followers.Nitinol, tends to retain its original structure, after its structure/shape is changed. All, along with just temperature change.

Video, shown briefly explains about Nitinol very well:

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Note: This was a repost of a writting done earlier in 2nd May 2014.