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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Bird Brains Have Significantly More Neurons Than Primate Brains Of The Same Mass

A new study systematically measures the number of neurons in the brains of birds, revealing that they have significantly more neurons packed into their small brains than are stuffed into mammalian and even primate brains of the same mass.

The macaw has a brain the size of an unshelled walnut, while the macaque monkey has a brain about the size of a lemon. Nevertheless, the macaw has more neurons in its forebrain – the portion of the brain associated with intelligent behavior – than the macaque.

That is one of the surprising results of the first study to systematically measure the number of neurons in the brains of more than two dozen species of birds ranging in size from the tiny zebra finch to the six-foot-tall emu, which found that they consistently have more neurons packed into their small brains than are stuffed into mammalian or even primate brains of the same mass.
The study results were published online in a paper titled “Birds have primate-like numbers of neurons in the forebrain” in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences early edition on the week of June 13.
“For a long time having a ‘bird brain’ was considered to be a bad thing: Now it turns out that it should be a compliment,” said Vanderbilt University neuroscientist Suzana Herculano-Houzel, senior author of the paper with Pavel Němec at the Charles University in Prague.
The study provides a straightforward answer to a puzzle that comparative neuroanatomists have been wrestling with for more than a decade: how can birds with their small brains perform complicated cognitive behaviors?
The conundrum was created by a series of studies beginning in the previous decade that directly compared the cognitive abilities of parrots and crows with those of primates. The studies found that the birds could manufacture and use tools, use insight to solve problems, make inferences about cause-effect relationships, recognize themselves in a mirror and plan for future needs, among other cognitive skills previously considered the exclusive domain of primates.
Birds Have Primate-Like Numbers of Neurons in the Forebrain
The collection of avian brains that the scientists analyzed. For each species, the total number of neurons (in millions) in their brains is shown in yellow, the number of neurons (in millions) in their forebrains (pallium) is shown in blue and their brain mass (in grams) is shown in red. The scale bar in the lower right is 10 mm. (Courtesy of Herculano-Houzel)
Scientists were left with a generally unsatisfactory fallback position: Avian brains must simply be wired in a completely different fashion from primate brains. Two years ago, even this hypothesis was knocked down by a detailed study of pigeon brains, which concluded that they are, in fact, organized along quite similar lines to those of primates.
The new study provides a more plausible explanation: Birds can perform these complex behaviors because birds’ forebrains contain a lot more neurons than any one had previously thought – as many as in mid-sized primates.
“We found that birds, especially songbirds and parrots, have surprisingly large numbers of neurons in their pallium: the part of the brain that corresponds to the cerebral cortex, which supports higher cognition functions such as planning for the future or finding patterns. That explains why they exhibit levels of cognition at least as complex as primates,” said Herculano-Houzel, who recently joined the Vanderbilt psychology department.
That is possible because the neurons in avian brains are much smaller and more densely packed than those in mammalian brains, the study found. Parrot and songbird brains, for example, contain about twice as many neurons as primate brains of the same mass and two to four times as many neurons as equivalent rodent brains.
Not only are neurons packed into the brains of parrots and crows at a much higher density than in primate brains, but the proportion of neurons in the forebrain is also significantly higher, the study found.
“In designing brains, nature has two parameters it can play with: the size and number of neurons and the distribution of neurons across different brain centers,” said Herculano-Houzel, “and in birds we find that nature has used both of them.”
Birds Have Primate-Like Numbers of Neurons
Graphic summary of the study results. (Pavel Nemec, Charles University, Prague)

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

These are mini computers for your ears

These wireless earbuds are like mini computers for your ears that are as powerful as a 2010 laptop:

Doppler Labs wants to put a computer in your ear.
The New York-based company on Tuesday introduced the Here One, a more polished version of the Here Active Listening earbuds that raised $635,000 on Kickstarter last year — as well as $17 million in funding — and resulted in a waitlist that ran more than 100,000 customers deep. They’re up for pre-order today for $299, with a full release set for sometime this November.
For those not familiar with the original Here, the core concept behind the Here One remains the same: to augment and mold the sound of the world around you. Though they look like the kind of truly wireless earbuds we’ve seen from SamsungMotorola, and others in recent months, they’re closer to in-ear processors — with internals that company CEO Noah Kraft says are “about as powerful as laptops from 5-10 years ago” — than traditional Bluetooth earphones.
So, if you’re walking down a city street, the idea is for you to lessen the sound of passing crowds and screeching cars, without shuttingeverything out the way a pair of noise-canceling headphones might. If you’re at a concert, you could boost the bass and add effects to what’s playing, similar to how you’d mess with the EQ settings for music on your phone.
The company claims that it’s fine-tuned this sort of selective noise filtering with the Here One, making it so you can amplify or cut out specific sounds — boosting the voice in an office, for instance, while drowning the air conditioner — instead of whole frequency ranges.
doppler labs here oneDoppler Labs

You need to keep the earbuds tied to their companion app to make all this work, but from there you can customize the filtering yourself, or choose from a number of preset settings made for specific scenarios (“Office,” “Airplane,” etc.). The hope is that you won't have to do that, though — Doppler Labs says the app will first put you through a two-minute "onboarding procedure" that lets the Here One automatically tune its filters to your ears.
While the original Here buds were intriguing as a concept, the fact that they couldn’t actually play music limited their appeal. The Here One canwork like any other pair of wireless in-ear headphones, which should greatly help their chances. Whether or not their sound will compare to other $300 earphones remains to be seen, though.
Still, Doppler Labs is adamant that the Here One’s noise processing puts the earbuds in their own category. Beyond the selective filtering noted above, the company says you’ll also be able to “layer” sounds over whatever you’re hearing.
Kraft gives the example of being at a baseball game and having real-time commentary draped over the top, or making it so you can hear cars while you’re streaming music on a bike ride. He says the company is working with “several partners” to expand upon this idea going forward.
The problem that might limit all of this is a familiar one: battery life. The company says the earbuds will get about 5-6 hours on average, with that going down to 3-4 through continuous streaming. The case that holds them doubles as a charger, and is said to provide two full charges.
In any case, it’s clear that Doppler Labs has put some thought into the idea of creating a wearable that people could feasibly use all day long. We’ll test the Here One in the fall to see if it lives up to that promise.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

India in 5 minutes!

In this video as shown below, you will
come to know about India in 5 minutes.

Monday, 27 June 2016

40 Ways to Create Peace of Mind

“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” ~Brian Tracy

There was a time when I thought peace was a destination, in much the same way I imagined I’d eventually arrive at happiness or success.
It seemed like something I needed to chase or find—definitely not something I could experience without dramatically changing my life.
I needed to work less, relax more, and generally revamp my circumstances and relationships in order to be a peaceful person.
Despite seeing peace as an endpoint, I also saw it as something passive—after all, that’s why I was so stressed: I had so much to do.
I’ve since realized that peace is always available, and like any desirable state of mind, it requires effort, even if that effort entails consciously choosing to be still.
Sure, our circumstances affect our mental state, but they don’t have to control them, not if we make tiny choices for our well-being.
Admittedly, it’s not easy to choose peace when we’re going through tough times. I still go through periods when I get caught up in worries and stresses, and it can feel like that’s the only available response to things that have happened.
But it’s not. There are countless things we can do to create peace of mind—both in response to events in our lives, and proactively, everyday.
If you’d also like to develop a greater sense of peace, you may find these suggestions helpful:


1. Take 5-10 minutes for a simple seated meditation.
2. Take 100 deep breaths, counting “and one,” “and two,” and so on, with “and” on the inhalations and the numbers on the exhalations.
3. Take a meditative walk, focusing solely on the physical sensations of walking—the earth under your feet, the swing of your hips.
4. Find a guided meditation on YouTube and let it lull you into a blissful state of presence.
5. Practice alternate nostril breathing. Hold the left nostril down and inhale through the right; then hold the breath. Release the left nostril, hold the right one down, and exhale through the left. Now start on the left with an inhalation, exhaling on the right. This is one set. Do up to five of them.


6. Write down everything that’s weighing you down mentally and then burn it as a form of letting go.
7. Write down everything you’ve learned from a difficult experience so you can see it as something useful and empowering instead of something to stress you out.
8. Tell someone how their actions affected you instead of holding it in and building resentment.
9. Call someone you’ve denied forgiveness and tell them you forgive them.
10. Apologize for a mistake instead of rehashing it, and then choose to forgive yourself.


11. Engage in a little art therapy; grab some crayons, markers, or paint and put all your feelings on the page.
12. Create a peace collage. Include images that make you feel relaxed and at ease. (Google “peace collage” and you’ll get lots of ideas!)
13. Meditate on your favorite peace quote and then write it in calligraphy for framing.
14. Take a walk with the sole intention of photographing beautiful things that make you feel at peace, like a tree with colorful autumn leaves.
15. Write a blog post about what gives you peace of mind. (This has been a calming experience for me!)


16. Get up and dance to your favorite song, focusing solely on the music and the movement. Get into your body and get out of your head!
17. Take a long walk on the beach, focusing on the feel of the sand between your toes and the sound of the crashing waves. Cliché, but highly effective!
18. Go for a bike ride in a scenic part of town, and immerse yourself in the calm of your environment.
19. Take 5−10 minutes for stretching, syncing your breath with the movements (or if you have an hour, visit a local studio for a yoga class).
20. Declutter a cluttered part of your home, creating a more peaceful space.


21. Muster compassion for someone who hurt you, instead of wallowing in bitterness, which will make it easier to forgive them and set yourself free.
22. Set aside some time to actively enjoy the good things about the present instead of scheming to create a better future.
23. Create a list of things you love about yourself instead of dwelling on how you wish you were different.
24. Focus on what you appreciate about the people in your life instead of wishing they would change (assuming you’re in healthy relationships).
25. Recognize if you’re judging yourself in your head with phrases like “I should have” or “I shouldn’t have.” Replace those thoughts with, “I do the best I can, my best is good enough, and I’m learning and growing every day.”


26. Start reading that book you bought about dealing with the challenge you’ve been facing.
27. Schedule a date with yourself—a time when you don’t need to meet anyone else’s requests—and do something that feeds your mind and spirit. Go to a museum or take yourself to your favorite restaurant and simply enjoy your own company.
28. Sit in nature—under a tree, on a mountain—and let yourself simply be.
29. Be your own best friend. Tell yourself what’s on your mind, and then give yourself the advice you’d give a good friend who had the same issue.
30. Repeat some positive affirmations that help you feel present, peaceful, and empowered.


31. Tell the truth in your relationships. When we hold in our true feelings, we create stress for ourselves. Be kind but honest and share what you really feel.
32. Catch critical, blaming, or self-victimizing thoughts. Instead of ruminating on what someone else did wrong, express yourself and ask yourself what you can do to create the change you’re seeking.
33. Have fun with someone you love. Forget about everything that feels like a problem and do something silly and childlike.
34. Connect with someone online who can relate to what you’re going through and create a mutually supportive relationship by sharing and listening.
35. Let someone into your self-care routine—ask a friend to join a yoga studio with you, or invite your sister to jog with you on the beach.


36. Volunteer your time to help a charity you believe in. Put all your energy into helping someone else, and you will inadvertently help yourself.
37. Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Animals are naturally present, and it’s contagious!
38. Do something kind for someone else without expecting anything in return. If they ask what they can do for you, tell them to pay it forward.
39. Leverage your passion to help someone else (i.e.: if you’re an aspiring designer, design a logo for a friend). You get to get in the zone doing something you love; someone else gets support they need. A win/win!
40. Leverage your purpose to serve someone else, not for money—just because. That might mean helping them pursue their passion, or motivating them to reach their fitness goals. Whatever gives your life meaning, give it to someone freely.

As is often the case with these types of list, this can seem a little long and overwhelming. The important thing is that we do at least one tiny thing every day to create mental stillness. What helps you create peace of mind?

Sunday, 26 June 2016

How To Make Money Online

If you are looking for ways to make money online then you have come to the right place. This particular page as well as this entire site is dedicated to that very subject.
In 2003, I walked away from my day job(J.O.B. = Just Over Broke) and as a direct result of my success with internet marketing.
Like any successful entrepreneur, my journey has been filled with ups and downs, however it amazes me what I have been able to accomplish online with some effort and elbow grease.
Fast forward eight years later and I am still earning great sums of money as a direct result of the various make money methods which I implement daily.
Below I have posted a video that is based what I personally believe is the very best way to make money online in 2013.
And it’s also the very thing that I’m doing myself.
I’ve also created over 60 minutes of FREE training to help you move forward and get results which you can access when you sign up below.
This method does not require:
  • Write content (in fact, I’m outsourcing all my content)
  • Ability to create fancy graphics or art work.
  • Dependent on previous sales or marketing experience.
Even better, this method does not require:
  • Domain’s
  • Web hosting
  • Complex software

25 Ways in Which to Make Money Online

1. Make Money Online Filling Out Surveys
Fill Out Surveys: Sign up with one or more of the many survey companies easily found on the Internet and select the type of survey(s) which will suit you best. The forms of these surveys on products and/or are quite easy to fill out and they can earn you good extra money.
2. Make Money Online Selling on eBay
Sell on eBay: Tens of thousands of people are spending good amounts of cash on eBay each and every day of the year and sellers are making substantial amounts of money. There is no reason why you too should not take a bite out of this moneymaking online opportunity.
Obtaining a seller’s account at eBay is free, quick and easy and I suggest you practice their auction system by selling your own personal items which you no longer need or want.
3. Make Money Online Blogging
Blog: When they are set up effectively, monetized blogs can generate impressive incomes over time and to create them merely requires a minimal expense and some of your time and effort.
Serious bloggers who want to retain full control use their own domains but you can also utilize free hosting sites such as Blogger or WordPress.
4. Make Money Online Trading Binary Options
Trade Binary Options: Becoming a trader of binary options which are simply financial contracts requires no prior experience, just intuition to predict whether commodities such as gold, silver, international monetary exchange rates, etc. will go up or down in the immediate future.
Correct predictions in the trading binary options game can earn huge amounts of money very quickly.
5. Make Money Online with Websites
Create Websites: With rather small upfront investments for domain names and webhosting services, you can build and publish websites that can serve as your online storefronts for any number of great moneymaking techniques such as affiliate marketing, selling your own products, AdSense ads, etc.
Today’s Internet provides numerous easy and free platforms like WordPress for building, publishing and maintaining websites that rank well, drive search engine traffic that converts into sales that make good money.
6. Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing: As an affiliate marketer, you will direct buyers from your promotional website to vendors who will pay you commission for each completed sales transaction. It’s as simple as that and can be extremely lucrative.
All you need to do is join the right affiliate program, create your sales page and watch the money roll in.
7. Make Money Online with Facebook
Facebook: Being the most popular social media that’s becoming more and more fashionable all the time, tens or even hundreds of thousands of individuals from around the world are using Facebook each and every day. Thus it has become a very effective platform for making money online.
The process is quick, easy and fun. Simply sign up, create your Facebook page and start the networking process by branding yourself, your skills and your products / services.
8. Make Money Online by Website Flipping
Website Flipping: You can sharpen your skills and make good online money by building, developing and publishing websites and then selling them for profit. To ensure that the websites you intend to flip or sell have the following desirable attributes:
• High Google page rankings
• Attract substantial search engine traffic
• Visual appeal
• Consistently generate money via AdSense, affiliate links, paid memberships, paid ads, etc.
9. Make Money Online by Writing Content
Writing Content: Every website needs written content, informational or tutorial, and many site owners and/or webmasters either don’t know how to write or are afraid of the process. This opens up terrific opportunities for making money online by writing content for sites (websites and blogs) as well as eBooks, e-Magazines, e-Manuals, e-Newsletters, etc.
The downside to writing for the web is that it’s usually ghostwriting which means that credit will not be given. The upside, however, is that there is good money to be made directly or through classified ads and Craigslist as well as through services such as provided by vWorker and Elance.
10. How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense
Google AdSense: AdSense is an online money generating system that works on autopilot once it has been set up on a website or blog and has been known to bring in impressive profits.
It is a system whose membership is free and it pops in ads which are relevant to the content of the given site. Each time a visitor to your site clicks on one of the ads, you effortlessly earn some money.
11. Make Money Online by Promoting & Selling eBooks
Promoting & Selling eBooks: Today’s Internet is filled with countless eBooks on every topic imaginable and in every niche market. Since creators / writers of these eBooks are continually looking for help promoting and selling them, you can make terrific online money by becoming their affiliate marketer.
Of course, you can also write your own informational or tutorial eBooks and proceed to promote and sell them yourself. In this case the profits will be all yours as a posed to merely settling for commission.
12. Make Money Online with ClickBank
ClickBank: Having been named as America’s No. 1 affiliate network, ClickBank is the largest and most comprehensive online marketplace through which affiliate marketers can promote other developers’ digital products and vendors can sell digital information products that they’ve created themselves.
Listing tens of thousands of products, serving more than 200 countries around the world and providing incredible administrative services; ClickBank is the perfect venue for making money online.
13. Make Money Online via CPA Offers
CPA Offers: Gaining popularity all the time, CPA (Cost Per Action) is a way of making money online without actually selling anything. Add a CPA offer on you website and each time a visitor clicks on its link and proceeds by following directions to enter their name, email address, zip code, etc. you get paid.
Signing up as a CPA marketer is extremely easy and setting up the system on your site is completely intuitive.
14. Make Money Online by Trading Forex
Trading Forex: Much like buying and selling of stocks and bonds in the stock market, trading Forex is buying and selling foreign currencies for profit.
Although prior experience in trading is a definite plus, trading Forex is not at all hard to learn and the earning can be tremendous. I would highly recommend for newbies to start out with fake demo accounts and practice, practice, practice.
15. Make Money Online with Twitter
Twitter: Second only to Facebook in its scope within the social media environment, Twitter is a venue through which tens of thousands of members “tweet” communities consisting of families, friends, neighbors, associates, colleagues, etc. And much like Facebook, Twitter offers terrific opportunities for earning money online.
The key to cashing in through this platform is to compile a large list of contacts with whom trustworthy relationships are formed and cultivated overtime.
16. Make Money Online through Network Marketing or MLM
Network Marketing or MLM: Marketing researchers predict that network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) will be the fastest growing industry of the foreseeable future and the possibilities are nearly limitless. As a matter of fact, that is how wealthy individuals like Donald Trump and Tony Robbins have started out and you could too.
However, network marketing or MLM will require that you take time to learn the ropes and then be willing to invest the energy and hard work that is required for success in this highly profitable arena.
17. Make Money Online through Informational Membership Sites.
Informational Membership Sites: Unlike most website that want to attract as many visitors as possible, membership sites allow access only to those individuals who have opted in or signed up to become paid members.
Select an interesting topic and provide worthwhile information, and your membership database will continue to grow and the proceeds will flow straight into your pockets.
18. Make Money Online by Writing for Other Bloggers
Writing for Other Bloggers: The Internet has many online companies which are constantly searching for writers for their blogs and a good example would be Creative Weblogging. Likewise, there are companies such as Pay U 2 Blog that would be willing to pay you for writing on your own blog.
Depending on how much time and effort you are willing and able to invest, you can opt for both options and you can sign up with multiple companies. How much online money you will be making is entirely up to you.
19. Make Money Online by Bringing Offline Products to the Web
Bring Offline Product to the Web: Becoming a sales agent for a company that sells products which have not yet been introduced to the net is a great way to make money online because the competition has not yet formed.
Perform your due diligence, launch a great promotional website around such products and sell to your heart’s content because you will have no rivals who might snatch your customers away.
20. How to Make Money Online by Becoming a Virtual Assistant
Become a Virtual Assistant: If you have marketable skills such as administrative, accounting, bookkeeping, editing, translating, proofreading, etc. and you own a computer that has a good Internet connection and a working telephone; there is no reason why you could not earn great online money by working from the comfort of your own home.
With telephone services, online and cell phone messaging and emails you could be communicating and transferring project back and forth with individuals and/or companies all over the world.
21. Make Money Online by Selling Custom Animal ID Tags
Sell Custom Animal ID Tags: As long as there will be pet ownership and there is no danger of that ever decreasing, ID tags for cats and dogs will continue to be in high demand.
Create a highly professional SEO website that effectively promotes animal ID tags, set up an online payments system, sign up with appropriate manufacturers and watch the money rolling in as the sales increase.
22. Make Money Online by Building Custom Search Engines
Build a Custom Search Engine: Google is known throughout the World Wide Web as being quite literally an untouchable search engine that is too big and powerful to compete against.
Today’s reality is that competing against Google is indeed futile. However, creating a search engine that delivers that which Google or the other large search engines such as Yahoo and Bing fail to deliver might carve a very profitable niche for a savvy Internet marketer.
23. How to Make Money Online by Establishing Virtual Forum Communities
Establish a Virtual Forum Community: Setting up online forums adds more value to existing websites to increase search engine page rankings, provides resourceful communities to increase traffic of visitors who are eager to return frequently and adds more options for monetizing.
The best news about establishing forum communities is the fact that it is a totally underutilized market and will, therefore, have little to no competition and audiences of Internet browsers will be flocking to it.
24. Make Money Online by Providing Wedding Services
Provide Wedding Services: Do your research, collect relevant resources and strike relationships with; flower shops, bakeries, wedding gown boutiques, catering services, makeup artists, banquet halls, printers, etc. With all that at your finger tips, you will then be able to provide wedding services and relieve the individuals who are directly involved in these happy occasions from having to distress over it.
There is loads of money to be earned online by creating website that provide these much desired services. Sites of this nature also land themselves beautifully to AdSense Ads which will generate even more income.
25. Make Money Online from Scrap Metal Services
Scrap Metal Services: Metals of various kinds have become valuable commodities. Therefore metallic stuff that is often considered rubbish or junk can be turned in for cash. Learn where the nearest scrap metal yards are, what kinds of metals they take and how much they pay. Establish a place for collecting these metals and be sure to have a truck onto which you can then load them.
Finally, create a website that provides scrap metal services for local individuals who don’t want to bother driving their metals to yards. You’ll be doing your neighbors a favor by relieving them of their otherwise useless metallic items and earning good money in the process.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

The death of game consoles is upon us

The death of game consoles is upon us:
Video game consoles, as we know them, are coming to an end.
Game consoles used to last something like six to 10 years, and the best, most impressive games often arrived at the tail-end of that span.
When "God of War 2" came out in 2007 for the PlayStation 2, for instance, the PlayStation 3 had been on sale for a year. The game was as good or better looking than most games on the newer PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
"God of War 2" is a notoriously pretty, fantastic PlayStation 2 game that came out after the PlayStation 3 launched. Sony Santa Monica
The deal was simple: Buy a video game console for a few hundred bucks, and depend on it getting a steady supply of games across the majority of the next decade. But with smartphone technology advancing dramatically every year, and PC gaming becoming more accessible than ever, console-makers like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have failed to keep up with what buyers want.
Simply put: Game console buyers demand stronger game consoles, and game console makers are answering that demand with new, more powerful consoles much sooner than expected.
  • In 2017, Microsoft plans to launch a new, much more powerful version of the Xbox One.It's codenamed Project Scorpio, and if all goes according to plan it will arrive just four years after the original Xbox One launched.
  • In 2016, or maybe 2017, Sony plans to launch a new, more powerful version of the PlayStation 4. It's codenamed Neo, and if all goes according to plan it will arrive either three or four years after the original PlayStation 4 launched.
  • In 2017, Nintendo plans to launch a new, more powerful game console to succeed its Wii U. It's codenamed Nintendo NX, and if all goes according to plan it will arrive just five years after the Wii U launched.
Whoa indeed.
In the case of both the more powerful Xbox One and the more powerful PlayStation 4, the respective makers promise that all future games will work on both the original Xbox One and the original PlayStation 4.
Allow me to be extra clear here: All Xbox One games that you already own, including Xbox 360 games, will work on Project Scorpio; all PlayStation 4 games that you already own will work on PlayStation 4 Neo. Any games released on those new systems will also work on the older versions.
Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House (the guy in charge of PlayStation) told the Financial Times that PlayStation 4 "Neo" is "intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4." It will run the same games, and do the same stuff - it's just capable of producing higher graphical fidelity in its games. Microsoft put out similar messaging around the announcement of Project Scorpio. "Project Scorpio will join the Xbox One family and coexist alongside Xbox One and Xbox One S and all of your Xbox One games and accessories are compatible," the announcement says.
This is a crucial component of the death of normal game console cycles. It means that console makers like Sony and Microsoft could move to a more smartphone-like model, with upgrades coming out every few years. It means that, instead of a PlayStation 5, Sony puts out several versions of the PlayStation 4 that eventually evolve into the PlayStation 5. It means there could be a much more fluid concept of game platforms, more similar to something like a MacBook than a traditional game console.
In the case of Nintendo, however, things are less clear. Just look how confused poor Mario is.
We don't know how powerful the NX system is, what it looks like, or much else. We do know one thing: it's very much intended to outright replace the Wii U, Nintendo's worst-selling game console of all time. That could mean it's an isolated platform, like the Wii U, rather than the malleable platforms that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are becoming.
Nintendo is making at least one overture toward that type of thinking with the Nintendo Account system. The idea with that system is you'll carry one profile between Nintendo's new mobile gaming efforts on your smartphone, the upcoming Nintendo NX, and whatever other Nintendo devices that may be in the works.
Whatever Nintendo does, we're already moving toward a new paradigm where the traditional agreement between console makers and console buyers is going to change dramatically. Prepare your bank accounts accordingly.