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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How importance people give to cleanliness in Indian Govt. offices.

Now, you get to see the real happening in some pf the Government offices
in India.

The staff of a local government office is reasonably confident that they haven’t turned all the office corners red by spitting PanEven though one could see Pan stains all over the walls of the office, everyone present there said that they haven’t yet managed to cover all the corners.

Just see the total dirty mess create by some stupid people.

Spitting pan in corners of the walls is a long accepted practice to dispose of a chewed up Pan. When one is outdoors, spitting on the road is perfectly acceptable as well.
“Well it is unlike us to take credit for work that we haven’t done so we can’t claim to have painted all the corners red. Pretty sure there is at least one corner in the office if not more that haven’t turned red from Pan. Maybe it is the one next to Sharma Ji’s table on the 1stfloor since he doesn’t chew Pan himself or it could be the corner near the ladies washroom. I am unable to recall right now but there is at least one for sure”, said Manoj Singh, a clerk working in the office.
 “Wherever it is, we want to cover it in Pan stains as soon as possible so that we can join the swachh Bharat drive as soon as possible and clean our office. Right now whenever we bring up the subject of cleaning up the office of pan stains, someone mentions that the office is clean since we haven’t even painted all the corners red yet. Therefore, we must identify the clean corner soon and start spitting our Pan spits there”, Manoj explained.
When we asked the peon working in the office whether he knows which corner it is, he replied,”Boss my job is to sit outside and let people in after taking my commission. How will I know what goes on inside the building?”
Meanwhile, office superintendent Mr. Dubey assured us that they will soon cover that one remaining corner with Pan spit as well. “What corner, give me 1 week and few good men, I will paint all the walls red”, he said.

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