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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Scientists Have Officially Created Teleport

Scientists Have Officially Created Teleport

German scientists have developed a way to transport information across a physical distance instantly. No one is jumping the gun quite yet, but it seriously looks as if scientists have discovered how to teleport.


It’s crazy that headline even exists, but one shouldn’t complain. In technical terms, the process known as quantum teleportation has been known for quite some time. To teleport in the quantum level is nothing new, but to teleport in the classical world, well, that’s just fascinating. Of course, teleportation in the classical world is done using uniquely entangled laser beams. By using spinning, polarizing plates, scientists have proven that laser beams can thus be entangled. In the study, the team used information of a specific laser direction and transmitted it. What came out on the other end was an instant transmission of the laser beam at a short distance.


Ok, so humans being able to teleport is not actually in the realm of possibilities right now. That doesn’t mean this discovery is any less extraordinary. Teleportation used to be exclusive to quantum systems. Now, this is being expanded to those outside that area, proving that one can transmit in the classical system. The difference between the two is that classical only works at very small distances while quantum is nonlocal. That being said, the current technology can not teleport any of organic or non-organic substances. Yet, it can be used to create communication channels from quantum to classical systems.

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