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Monday, 30 May 2016

Simple logic & Remedy for common problem of chapped lips

So, this particular post is dedicated to a common
problem which everyone mostly suffer from.

Comparison between normal and chapped lips

That is of chapped lips, now stating the most common
reasons that why this happens:
1. Excessive hear exposure
2. Unhealthy eating and drinking habit

We all know as temperature rises, it leads to dehydration
that is leading to loss of water.
Now, this in return affects to regions exposed to it.
That is obviously lips if one considers for face.

It is always advised to not lick your lips as, it leads to cracks in there

And the next is the unhealthy eating or drinking habits
like eating food that is highly acidic in nature and the
same goes for the drinks that we have like tea or coffee,
 which are acidic too.

Drinking water helps to regain moisture content

Aloevera is a safe and effective method to solve the chapped lips problem.

So, now saying that just a small moderation in such
habits can easily help you out.
Alkaline food should be consumed more instead.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

This is annoyingly high temperature! 50 deg. Celsius.

This year still summers will continue for few more months here in India, so will the heat rise during all this season.

People making every posibble way to protect from this heat.

Every person trying best from themselves to save from scorching heat. 

Here, it is a struggle for the poor and middle class societies to survive.
But anyhow, things are to be done so is everyone making best fir their earnings.

 See how melted road in Gujarat, India, is creating problem for all.

Coming to the Heat issue, India is reeling from a heatwave so high that shoes are melting to roads, cities are banning cooking during the day, and hundreds have died. Nowhere is as hot as the northern city of Phalodi, where temperatures reached a staggering 123 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius last week(During 15th May 2016 to 22nd May 2016), breaking the previous record set in 1956.
Temperature at some regions in India.
India is no stranger to high temperatures and large disasters: 2015 was an especially devastating year for the country, with heat, drought, and floods killing hundreds of citizens. All of these disasters have been linked to climate change, which especially affects developing nations like India, where over 20 percent of the population lives on less than $1.90 a day and 300 million lack electricity.
Temperature at some of the other regions.
The actual figures of the state of India is right, and it gives a glimpse of the real situation in India.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Mice sleep pattern

This is a small closely monitored sleep pattern of  a small mice.
It's average size when compared to humans and sleep time of it, as compared
to humans.

Mice are really small compared to humans almost 98% smaller to humans on
an average.

Yet, being highly powerful to their capacity, just image how would they have been
if they were of our size!! SOUNDS SCARY!

It was seen that the mice slept for approximately 1.5 hrs as compared to ~ 8 Hrs of
Their full day is of 6 hrs as compared to 12 Hrs of Humans.

Like every living being, even this is one of a kind and is very fast on the growth in
evolutionary cycle.

Note: This blog post was originally drafted on 26th Oct. 2014.