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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Metaphysical view of Time

Time, is the ultimate creator of everything. There is a direct link between Time and God, since God is himself creator of Time. For, me to simply describe about, Time i would say, it is the only way we have attained to see or witness God. Every time, you see time in wall clocks or watches you are actually getting notified by God, that time is passing away. So, do your any worthful work within this important time frame.

So, this thought or perception to understand time is solely dependent on how you think for it. I, believe in the fact that, to describe Time is quite same as to describe God. God, is himself beyond Time, as they had themself created it for us. It, will be wise for me, to not continue anymore on this topic on Eternal Time.
Here, lastly i'll say that many say about best use of time, but it is you who in actual will understand the bestest way to make use of Time wisely.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

We, all experience different Auras

By, defination Aura can be said as, in parapsychology and many forms of spiritual practice, an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object. The depiction of such an aura often connotes a person of particular power or holiness. Source: Wikipedia
Now, accordingly to feel or experience an Aura, all depends upon how you understand it. Whether you are more interested in understanding spiritual subjects or not. What, i wanted to share about Aura, is something different from what rest of the articles about this on internet says. It, is very well explained in the diagram shown.
What, it says is that each person does have an Aura field around them. To, understand in more simplified manner.
When, a person walks on its path. That, person will always pass by the other person on its path in a curve path, to what we may even say as etiquettes or good manners in normal terms.

So, this power that unknowingly or unintentionally makes this person to take a curve path, while passing by the other person is in itself the Aura Field of the person already standing. Now, sometimes as shown in the image the aura field can be not that much in power. During, this time the person already on its path crosses the Aura field of person standing. Which, shows the person in near static position has weak Aura. But, sometimes the Aura field can be from both the persons, which always leads to positive results for both the persons.

  • In, this picture 7 human body chakras are also shown, along with the Aura field of 7 different field, each has its own intensity.
Now, here again i would conclude by summing up all the above in one word as, Social Aura as this aura field, i had discussed for our day to day happening's.
I, hope after reading this you would have understood, what different view of Aura i wanted to share. If, not you should again go through it. But, do understand it and attain the thought process frequency with which it was written.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Another universal understanding of Physical Forms

The, different phyiscal forms in our Universe, more or less are based upon common basic concepts . Its, frequency because of which all happenings in the universe are taking place. Frequencies, are result of vibrations.

Even, in living beings this term has infinite importance. Its, frequency causing everything good or bad. In, living beings we use a biological word called "Inflammation". In, them during some problem, high frequency is the sole reason for Inflamtion, as inflamation itself is randomness of biomoleules in living beings. Thus, is responsible for basically all the problems, according to me.

So, to sum up in two points it is :-
1. In, unverse frequency(No. of cycles/Unit Time), which is the result of vibrations causing everything and responsible for change in the Universe which is continuosly happening.
2. In, living beings, same phenomena turns in Inflamation, which i called randomness of biomolecules, but none of the living beings including humans want it.
I, think by now everyone would have understood what similarities and dissimilarities i made between both of them. And, how we act as a minutest form of our universe.
Image source : &

~Everything, is same.
As, Nikola Tesla had said, "If, you wish to understand universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

Word of infinite meaning, Friend

Friend, a word which is mostly used all over the World. In, different languages the word differs but means all the same. Why, i posted this blog was to clarify the actual meaning of it and changes it has made in todays world.
Now, looking at the Origin of this Word Friend. By, Etymology we see that this word is of German origin and back then it was 'Freond', source. So, not getting into more technicalities of this word and coming to what i wanted to say.

People, around the world, have become so used to this word and made this, part of their lives, which in simple thinking is fine but when deeply thought about it, they will understand it isn't fine. What, happens is  that in simple eterms to understand i'll say "Where there are friends, your foes are there". Though, "Foe" is a harsh word, but still Truth is to be said. So, if not 'friend' word, then what ? you'ld be thinking !! Accordingly, with respect to written above, then its 'Nothing'. Instead, of friend , 'Nothing' should be used for every sentence we made with 'Friend' now we'll replace it with 'Nothing'. From, Divine, Spiritual point of view 'Nothing' holds great importance. It, signifies your true wisdom & intellectual thought process.
So, greater level of peaceful living, can be maintained with what is written above. As, greed, selfishness and other forms of lowest grades of happenings in the society will be eliminated to some extent, then at some time will be fully elimnated.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014 :^D

So, remembering Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) in onset of this new year.

Nikola Tesla, was a True devotee to God and Engineering. Who, dedicated his life for inventions, those kind of inventions which no other could even come closer to or even think of. He, was a true soul blessed by God. His, one of the invention of Induction Motor, for production of electricity by water fall, as prime mover being turbine, can be seen installed in Niagara Falls, Canada. Other, inventions such as X-rays, Radio, Wireless Signal Transmission, Alternating Current, Tesla Coil, Remote control, Laser, Robotics, wireless communication and most importantly Indefinite Free Energy, which unfortunately was not completed due to greedy, selfish American financer J.P Morgan, during early 20th century.
The, great impact of his Inventions can be seen very in todays modern World. Nikola Tesla, deserves majority of credit for todays Scientific World. As, many new coming innovations seems very much inspired by Nikola Tesla's work.
Though, many people around the world still are not aware of Nikola Tesla, but now the true words are spreading around. People are realizing about the True contributor in making modern world.
Now, not forgetting to wish you all, a very Happy New Year 2014. May, the best happenings favour you in all coming Times.

Reality of Cell Phone Jammers, during exams !!

Most you will be aware of Cell Phone Jammers, it is basically a electronic device which tends to block any type of signal transmission in some finite radial distance. These, devices no doubt are very helpful, in places which requires utmost security, to not let any information get leaked. These, devices most commonly use <1W power supply. Which, is very good.

Apart, from its some positive uses. It, does contain many negative impact on living beings specifically. Because, of the frequency emiitted by it, to block mobile transmission frequency waves. Normally, used mobile phone jammer transmits As, recently these have been installed in Bangalore prisons, which are 24x7 always on, experts have said that it may cause health hazards when used for this much time. cell-phone-jammer-systems-in-parappana-agrahara-jail

Besides, above said these are very much now installed in Colleges during exams. The frequency, of mobile tower radio waves specifically for GSM operates in the 900 MHz band (890 MHz - 960 MHz) in Europe and Asia and in the 1900 MHz (sometimes referred to as 1.9 GHz) band in the United States. And, mobile phone jamming device transmits on the same radio frequencies as the cell phone, disrupting the communication between the phone and the cell-phone base station in the tower. So, from this you can even yourself think that, what disastrous even these are, along with mobile phones. We, say mobile phone aren't good because of their ill effects on us all, then why not even  blame these Jammers for bad effects on us. I, personally believe that during exams these jammers will surely be not okay for some students appearing in exams, exam results tell the impact of Phone Jammers.
Initial, scanning is always done before appearing in exams. So, then why Cell Phone Jammers ? I, just hope concerned people make this into notice. And, make a decision to stop installation of it, in educational instituations.