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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Another universal understanding of Physical Forms

The, different phyiscal forms in our Universe, more or less are based upon common basic concepts . Its, frequency because of which all happenings in the universe are taking place. Frequencies, are result of vibrations.

Even, in living beings this term has infinite importance. Its, frequency causing everything good or bad. In, living beings we use a biological word called "Inflammation". In, them during some problem, high frequency is the sole reason for Inflamtion, as inflamation itself is randomness of biomoleules in living beings. Thus, is responsible for basically all the problems, according to me.

So, to sum up in two points it is :-
1. In, unverse frequency(No. of cycles/Unit Time), which is the result of vibrations causing everything and responsible for change in the Universe which is continuosly happening.
2. In, living beings, same phenomena turns in Inflamation, which i called randomness of biomolecules, but none of the living beings including humans want it.
I, think by now everyone would have understood what similarities and dissimilarities i made between both of them. And, how we act as a minutest form of our universe.
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~Everything, is same.
As, Nikola Tesla had said, "If, you wish to understand universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

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