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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Frequency: Universally recognized important term

Frequency in the most elementary terms is defines as number
of cycles per unit time.

That in mathematical form is generally expressed as:

F= No. of cycles (c)/Time(t)

Now basic form used in almost every field.

1. Frequency of doing some works; that how many times the 
work is done.

2. frequency of electricity like as, like use for Indian standards
as, 60 Hz, 120 Volts power supply.

3. So, accordingly we have diffrent for the American standards.

4. Though, in most cases Mhz that is Mega Hertz is used.

5. So, virtually to any possible state this term is used since its 
first usage, "Letter frequency analysis gained additional importance 
with the development of movable type in Asia in 1040 CE and in
Europe in 1450 CE, where one must estimate the amount of type required
for each letterform, as evidenced by the variations in letter compartment
size in typographer's type cases."

Therefore this term is highly technical for today, as this era is 
for the invention of various advancements in every field and 
therefore the usage of this word is accordingly important.

For every technical, engineering field inventions, various calculations
are carried and their this comes into use; Frequency, where 

Also, New Year 2016 is just a day away. So, Happy New Year 2016, to all of 
my Blog readers!

Monday, 30 November 2015

Nothing is Free

In everyone's life, you get nothing for
free. But, the only things that are free
are Air, Water(even this today, you pay
for to drink), i’ll stop here.

Even for Life you need to earn a living
to make this body moving.
So, the only thing now left is Time, it 
is always there in unlimited amount.
For a persons whole life long it is always
present for everyone.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Nitinol; Memory Alloy

Nitinol, a metal alloy of Nickel and Titanium. Capable, to act in very unusual way. As, it contracts in lower temperature and then becomes normal as temperature increases.

Research, upon it is being done from many years back. To, understand its structure. And, how we could harness free energy from it. Be, it in automobiles, or any mechanised system that requires continuous motion. It, has been noticed that the efficiency of Nitinol, increases with its working.

 Again, here we could just judge that, that even though of its findings from 1950's and more research in 1970's, all by U.S. Most, of us i guess don't know of it. One, thing is that it can be used in many engg. fields to produce so much of free energy. All, the research on free energy is always hindered by big corporates of the developed countries & their followers.Nitinol, tends to retain its original structure, after its structure/shape is changed. All, along with just temperature change.

Video, shown briefly explains about Nitinol very well:

Image Source:

Note: This was a repost of a writting done earlier in 2nd May 2014. 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Gym, Yog misconceptions

We have all heard people saying; so called health experts that. When a regular gym goer, builds up his muscles during their early ages.

 A weight lifter; body builder
And now when that person stops going to gym or stops doing any strength work. Then that persons muscles will not turn into fat.
Infact, it does just because that person lifted weights.

Now, on the other hand. When a Yog practitioner does various Asans. This wholely incorporates the individuals own body strength to lift the persons own weight. And, this although will not make out any ripped muscles, etc. But, over the years it will make person much more internally and externally strong. 

Note: Yog is not to be confused with the Calisthenics exercise. Though, even this is free form of exercise in which a person lifts, his/her own weight.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Correct Way for Udgeeth Paranayam

Firstly, i will talk here of all the Paranayams; Breathing excercises. Below, are listed Paranayams in serial order:

1. Bhastrika Paranayam.
2. Kapalbhati Paranayam.
3. Bahya Paranayam.
4. Anulom Vilom Paranayam.
5. Brahmari Paranayam.
6. Udgeeth Paranayam.
7. Ujayi Paranayam.

From, above listed now i would like to explain on Kapalbhati Paranayam and what changes i have felt that should be made in it.

Udgeeth Paranayam:

1. In, this we inhale air, letting it all in your lungs.
2. Then, slowly chant word Om. In, this manner, "Ooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm"

So now what it does is, as you say "Om" in above manner. It, leads to buld up of a tone in a resonating/synchronized way, which is capable to relax your brain.
But, it you do it in the same old way, as it was explained by Baba Ramdev, it will be good to some extent. But, if you do the way i am about to tell you now it will be much more effective.

Baba Ramdev, practising Udgeet Pranayam
Baba Ramdev, practising Anulom Vilom Paranayam
 Kapalbhati -(left) and Anulom Vilom Pranayam -(right), shown in this image.
 If here, it is gradual air inhaled and exhaled, then it is called Bhastrika Pranayam.
If, air is immediately exhaled after grdualling inhaling it, then it is called Kapal Bhati Pranayam. 

Steps according to what i am saying is as follows:

1. Start the steps, by deeply inhaling air in lungs only.
2. Next, start saying "Oaaaammmm" in a gradual manner.
3. As you notice that, you are about to finish it. Then, slowly during the last phase of chanting word "Ooaaaaaammmmmm", the word during this time will most probably be, "aaaammmmm",
So, during this time slowly move your head baclwards, relative to the slow speed of "ooaaammmmm" chanting.
What, happens here is that, in this way the sound tone generated will be highly powerful. Almost 3 times more effective the way, it was said by Baba Ramdev.

* I here can also, state that above stated is Yashvir's version of Udgeeth Paranayam.

Note: I am not saying that, how Baba Ramdev, taught to the world is wrong. But, i noticed that this way of practising Udgeeth Paranayam is more effective.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Nikola Tesla's 159th Birthday!

It's Nikola Tesla's 159th Birthday. Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla(10th Jul. 1856 - 7th Jan. 1943), thank you for making life easier of people all around the World, to great extent by inventing AC power supply and lighting the whole World.
Though, his inventions are spread to greater extent, almost for all necessary modern electrical/mechanical engineering inventions of today, have basic foundation from Nikola Tesla's research/invention from his time.
‪#‎Nikola_Tesla‬, ‪#‎159th_Birthday‬, ‪#‎Free_Energy‬, ‪#‎Wardenclyffe_tower‬

*Though, it was yesterday but sharing today this post.


Friday, 26 June 2015

Aftermath of climate change after Diwali festival

It has been noticed by pollution control authorities that after firing crackers on the day of Diwali. The, wheather change occured to great extent to the level, that temperature rised to few degrees for hour, almost for the next day too.
-Diwali was celebrated last year on 23rd Oct. 2014, but still sharing this Aftermath of Diwali now.

Mumbai city on normal day


Various, toxic gases emerged out due to explosion of these crackers. Cause high level of discomfort to
vulnerable people, to people who already have breathing problem due to high pollution all around. Animals; stray dogs, cats, cows and Birds suffer more than humans during this day. Due, to some of their unique abilities to sense things more.

 Just see how darkness lights up with this these crackers, indeed spoiling our nature, environment and whole world. Utter, nonsense being done by ignorant people.

People, say terrorist spread all the destruction to nature, they are true in actual to blame these people. But, see even here in the name of celebration so much dirt is spread, by common people.

Noise along with air pollution does really bad work for all living beings, for all i should say.

Next day after diwali.

Self explanatory image of pollutants spread due to fireworks.

You, can see in these images shown below that how cities; Mumbai and Delhi look before each Diwali.



Note: If, Govt.really cares for Environment, it can surely impose absolute strict rules on Diwali celebrations. That is by following ways:-

1. High fine on people who pollute nature.
2. Total ban on fireworks, crackers, etc.
3. To, put complete ban on Diwali posters showing fireworks, etc.

Different companies manufacturing, crackers and thus each product emits/release heavy metal partices upon explosion.

No firework company should be there in Bharat. A complete strict ban, owners of company live in places far from pollution, but polluting the other places of Earth. So, risking the lives of people working in their factories and other common people.

 Different level of pollition for figures of sound pollution and SPM(Suspended Particulate Matter) for Diwalii in 2012.

 Pollution level of Nitrogen Dioxide all time high in New Delhi.

What i think is that each year, pollution will keep on happening this way and still nothing will be done to curb this. Because, political parties care about their Vote Banks and they know that, they cannot hurt sentiments of people attached to this festival.

These are not just words to write down, but should be followed by all people. 

 ~Respect Nature and Nature will respect you.
I can't say if PM Narendra Modi will take some strict steps on this or not. But, under his leadership if somehing strict is done then he is surely, doing best for Mother Earth.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Continuous learning

This blog is related to the tasks that people do or we should say the worth doing things done by people, like work that people be it related to some research work them. So, what happens then is that their mind is always indulged in worth doing works. As, said before.

Now, as they stop their work as described above. What happens is that their brain tends to gradually start thinking things in limited manner, unlike what it used to do before.

We can also say the brain output is reduced during this time of theirs.
With time they stop thinking critically and logically; the most valuable thought process of all.

So, what could be done? Well, nothing difficult!  Just resume your earlier best thoughtful life of yours. You will yourself feel that how your own self, has the thought process for the betterment of your own self.

Note: From last blog onwards i have stopped writing source of images used in my blog posts. As, upon a small research on this, it was found that most of the images are widely spread all over the internet. So, image source is not always true.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Nepal Earthquake! JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS.

Whatever happened in Nepal was truly very unfortunate. Thousands of people have died and death toll is still counting for now.

 Nepal Earthquake of 7.9 Richter scale

Last year on 29th Nov. 2014, 5000 buffaloes were killed in the name of sacrifice, which is a superstition. Later the next day Pigs, Goats, Sheeps were sacrificed. These poeple who committed this in Nepal region are trapped in superstitions. They, are totally ignorant, they don't get it that why will God be happy when one living being is killed? Now, nature did a complete justice for all those innocent animals which were killed last year, in its Fast Track Court i think.

Buffaloes were killed(aroound 5000) in name of sacrifice, on 29th Nov. 2014.
Nautre gave justice to these animals who were killed by ignorant people trapped in superstitions by this Earthquake, kiling thousands of people.

Just within 120 days, Nature decided to give justice to the passed out souls of innocent animals.

Here in this Earthquake even those people piad for their lives who had done nothing, all because of the people who had killed innocent animals last year.

Destruction due to Earthquake

Everyone has to pay for their negative deeds one day.
Also we even know,

All is result of ones Karma, and so WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Rise of ¿Insecurities¿ Among People

Most, of people all around are from recent times in utter insecure state of mind. Be, it from any level of society... but ignoring the child state as it is the only; hope fully only because there are children who don't even get basic necessities of the early stage of life.

Indeed it will!

But, upon talking about the later older ones those, 18 to 60 Years of age range are highly concerned for total nonsece and absurd state of their thinking. I, wouldn't say that all in this age group are having this kind of thinking, but again saiyng mostly.
Jealousy; Hatred all results to Insecurity.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Torus: The basic solid geometry

Torus, is the most basic solid geometry of everything. It's the shape and ocurring phenomena which resembles Torus.

Now, briefly describing few points:

1. The Magnetic field of Earth, always travels from North Pole, to its either sides towards South Pole.
Thus, making Torus type.
2. As, each human being also transmits magnetic field  around in the same way as, explained in the above point. Explaing, about Earths field.
3. The Transverse Cross sectional view of most fruits. So, their this view also resembles very much to torus.

Mathematically, area of Torus is,

Area= 2(pi)R * 2(pi)r

Therefore, images shown below. Explain, how the torus acts:

1. Magnetic field geometry in Torus form.

2. Magnetic field of a human:

3. Now, the  fruit part, here considering a Transverse Cross section of it.
    That, is it's Transverse cross sectional region:

Torus, always happens to act in the direction as described in the  elow animated images:


Actually, above said just few examples of torus, occuring in Nature all around are somw of the most basic examples i would say. But, this has a vast occurence all around.

Monday, 26 January 2015

66th ‪Republic Day‬! of ‪Bharat‬

 Happy, 66th ‪#‎Republic_Day‬! of ‪#‎Bharat‬

As, we know US President ‪#‎Barack_Obama‬, was Chief Guest of this 66th Republic Day. Yesterday, many small to big aggrements were made between two countries. Out, of which power generation came out the most discussed topic after their talk. Prime Minister ‪#‎Narendra_Modi‬ and US President Barack Obama had a good talk as they openly talked on this later on.

Chai pe charcha, PM Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama at Hyderabad House, New Delhi on 25th Jan. 2014.

PM Modi kept saying that for power generation we need to look for clean, renewable energy sources. But, as even Nuclear Deal was subject of discussion yesterday. Even, though how much we try to reuse Nuclear waste, its never a clean source of energy. Unless the best know source of Free Energy is realized which was put forward by ‪#‎Nikola_Tesla‬(10th July 1856 - 7th Jan. 1943). Every emerging nation knows of the potential of the ways this energy could change the entire face of earth, for its betterment.

PM Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama on 26th Jan. 2014, that is on 66th Republic Day of India.

Still, this Reublic Day is greatly different in a good way, than those celebrated in previous years.
Things, will hardly be monitered to extent of complete shut down of Slaughter houses. As, it was promised by PM Modi itself before he was actually PM. Complete shut down of Slaughter houses is really important for Nation like #Bharat's Developement. So, similarly Clean, Renewable energy apart from use of Solar panels for power generation, cannot be made possible in the near future; more importantly on Nikola Tesla's research work.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Year Wishes

Happy New Year! 2015

As, we know each day accounts for every year or for a New Year. As, we have termed this name globally in English language.

The best for everyone's life is when each Day as above said is marked as a New Day just the same as we celebrate new year. 

So, for today and for each coming day, it can even be said as Happy Day, to everyone.
But, still now wishing: