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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Correct Way for Udgeeth Paranayam

Firstly, i will talk here of all the Paranayams; Breathing excercises. Below, are listed Paranayams in serial order:

1. Bhastrika Paranayam.
2. Kapalbhati Paranayam.
3. Bahya Paranayam.
4. Anulom Vilom Paranayam.
5. Brahmari Paranayam.
6. Udgeeth Paranayam.
7. Ujayi Paranayam.

From, above listed now i would like to explain on Kapalbhati Paranayam and what changes i have felt that should be made in it.

Udgeeth Paranayam:

1. In, this we inhale air, letting it all in your lungs.
2. Then, slowly chant word Om. In, this manner, "Ooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm"

So now what it does is, as you say "Om" in above manner. It, leads to buld up of a tone in a resonating/synchronized way, which is capable to relax your brain.
But, it you do it in the same old way, as it was explained by Baba Ramdev, it will be good to some extent. But, if you do the way i am about to tell you now it will be much more effective.

Baba Ramdev, practising Udgeet Pranayam
Baba Ramdev, practising Anulom Vilom Paranayam
 Kapalbhati -(left) and Anulom Vilom Pranayam -(right), shown in this image.
 If here, it is gradual air inhaled and exhaled, then it is called Bhastrika Pranayam.
If, air is immediately exhaled after grdualling inhaling it, then it is called Kapal Bhati Pranayam. 

Steps according to what i am saying is as follows:

1. Start the steps, by deeply inhaling air in lungs only.
2. Next, start saying "Oaaaammmm" in a gradual manner.
3. As you notice that, you are about to finish it. Then, slowly during the last phase of chanting word "Ooaaaaaammmmmm", the word during this time will most probably be, "aaaammmmm",
So, during this time slowly move your head baclwards, relative to the slow speed of "ooaaammmmm" chanting.
What, happens here is that, in this way the sound tone generated will be highly powerful. Almost 3 times more effective the way, it was said by Baba Ramdev.

* I here can also, state that above stated is Yashvir's version of Udgeeth Paranayam.

Note: I am not saying that, how Baba Ramdev, taught to the world is wrong. But, i noticed that this way of practising Udgeeth Paranayam is more effective.

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