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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Continuous learning

This blog is related to the tasks that people do or we should say the worth doing things done by people, like work that people be it related to some research work them. So, what happens then is that their mind is always indulged in worth doing works. As, said before.

Now, as they stop their work as described above. What happens is that their brain tends to gradually start thinking things in limited manner, unlike what it used to do before.

We can also say the brain output is reduced during this time of theirs.
With time they stop thinking critically and logically; the most valuable thought process of all.

So, what could be done? Well, nothing difficult!  Just resume your earlier best thoughtful life of yours. You will yourself feel that how your own self, has the thought process for the betterment of your own self.

Note: From last blog onwards i have stopped writing source of images used in my blog posts. As, upon a small research on this, it was found that most of the images are widely spread all over the internet. So, image source is not always true.