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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Nepal Earthquake! JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS.

Whatever happened in Nepal was truly very unfortunate. Thousands of people have died and death toll is still counting for now.

 Nepal Earthquake of 7.9 Richter scale

Last year on 29th Nov. 2014, 5000 buffaloes were killed in the name of sacrifice, which is a superstition. Later the next day Pigs, Goats, Sheeps were sacrificed. These poeple who committed this in Nepal region are trapped in superstitions. They, are totally ignorant, they don't get it that why will God be happy when one living being is killed? Now, nature did a complete justice for all those innocent animals which were killed last year, in its Fast Track Court i think.

Buffaloes were killed(aroound 5000) in name of sacrifice, on 29th Nov. 2014.
Nautre gave justice to these animals who were killed by ignorant people trapped in superstitions by this Earthquake, kiling thousands of people.

Just within 120 days, Nature decided to give justice to the passed out souls of innocent animals.

Here in this Earthquake even those people piad for their lives who had done nothing, all because of the people who had killed innocent animals last year.

Destruction due to Earthquake

Everyone has to pay for their negative deeds one day.
Also we even know,

All is result of ones Karma, and so WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Rise of ¿Insecurities¿ Among People

Most, of people all around are from recent times in utter insecure state of mind. Be, it from any level of society... but ignoring the child state as it is the only; hope fully only because there are children who don't even get basic necessities of the early stage of life.

Indeed it will!

But, upon talking about the later older ones those, 18 to 60 Years of age range are highly concerned for total nonsece and absurd state of their thinking. I, wouldn't say that all in this age group are having this kind of thinking, but again saiyng mostly.
Jealousy; Hatred all results to Insecurity.