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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Word of infinite meaning, Friend

Friend, a word which is mostly used all over the World. In, different languages the word differs but means all the same. Why, i posted this blog was to clarify the actual meaning of it and changes it has made in todays world.
Now, looking at the Origin of this Word Friend. By, Etymology we see that this word is of German origin and back then it was 'Freond', source. So, not getting into more technicalities of this word and coming to what i wanted to say.

People, around the world, have become so used to this word and made this, part of their lives, which in simple thinking is fine but when deeply thought about it, they will understand it isn't fine. What, happens is  that in simple eterms to understand i'll say "Where there are friends, your foes are there". Though, "Foe" is a harsh word, but still Truth is to be said. So, if not 'friend' word, then what ? you'ld be thinking !! Accordingly, with respect to written above, then its 'Nothing'. Instead, of friend , 'Nothing' should be used for every sentence we made with 'Friend' now we'll replace it with 'Nothing'. From, Divine, Spiritual point of view 'Nothing' holds great importance. It, signifies your true wisdom & intellectual thought process.
So, greater level of peaceful living, can be maintained with what is written above. As, greed, selfishness and other forms of lowest grades of happenings in the society will be eliminated to some extent, then at some time will be fully elimnated.

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