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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Metaphysical view of Time

Time, is the ultimate creator of everything. There is a direct link between Time and God, since God is himself creator of Time. For, me to simply describe about, Time i would say, it is the only way we have attained to see or witness God. Every time, you see time in wall clocks or watches you are actually getting notified by God, that time is passing away. So, do your any worthful work within this important time frame.

So, this thought or perception to understand time is solely dependent on how you think for it. I, believe in the fact that, to describe Time is quite same as to describe God. God, is himself beyond Time, as they had themself created it for us. It, will be wise for me, to not continue anymore on this topic on Eternal Time.
Here, lastly i'll say that many say about best use of time, but it is you who in actual will understand the bestest way to make use of Time wisely.

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