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Friday, 23 November 2018

Dark side of Facebook !

Facebook as social media is the most
popular on this planet Earth. It gives people
freedom to express their true believes
and stand by it. 
Now coming to the point, this addiction to Fb
gradually tends to alter the thinking of
the person. 

Few of the most common changes in the 
individual will be seen as follows:
1. Intolerance  
2. Adamant
3. Impatience 
4. Stubbornness, etc. 
To name some.

As you start to get detached from social media,
you will start noticing these improvements in you:
1. Increase in patience.
2. Better judgment.
3. You'll be more calmer.
4. Will not indulge in arguments.
5. And will start to become wiser.
To name some.

So my friends never do anything out of limit. As it
will always harm you more. 

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