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Friday, 28 March 2014

Earth Hour, conspiracy

I, was interested in this concept of  Earth Hour, since 2009. And, continued to switch all electrical  lines & appliances off for an hour. Along, with this i even recommended others to do the same.
Keeping, in mind the very moral thought to conserve energy. But, now i think that this concept is diverting people's mind from their thought to availability of free energy. As, the developed nations never focus on a way to provide all with free energy. But, rather just promoted this Earth Hour concept every year instead.
In, this way all they want is to make us believe only in this concept to save energy. So, that we forget to pressurize govt. and spread about the noble work of Nikola Tesla.

 This, year Earth Hour will be on 29th March 2014.

Anyway, let these forces try to create countless amount of efforts to create hurdles in the thoughts of people for free energy. But, words are spreading of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). About, the unmatched work he did in his life time, for humanity.
I will still say that from this year i'am totally against this EH. Which, was started by WWF (World Wide Fund) in 2004. Australia was, the first country to initiate this. Which, later was practised by United States.
So, what happens in this greed of Big Corporates is that these companies supply copper wires and other companies which make electronic devices, related to energy conduction. All, over the world, i think this is upon a joint decision not to discuss the concept of free energy.
What i think is that, all will realize about this reality of Earth Hour in the near future.

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