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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

SmilTral, new Expression term

The basic foundation stone of human expressions, comes via neutrality.

As,  neutral leads to various other human expression forms. From a fashioned neutral smiles to laughing faces. Similar to as shown in below pictures, not exactly same but to some extent.

With evolution of homosapiens, the complete human muscle form, to its bio-molecular level the changes occured, for adaptability to its surroundings. All, these changes in muscles, ligaments, tendons, other regions and improvement of nervous system with Time.

So, above form is what we now are. Intelligence, level of humans have always stood the most highest when compared to other species. Now, coming to the word with which this post was made, that is Smiltral. Etymologically, this word came up with the combination of "Smile + Neutral". This, lead to formation of the word, Smiltral. And, language is English for its formation.

This word is the form of expression which everyone needs to know. Therefore, this is a expression that originates from being neutral in expressions plus smile.

So, sharing this word related information on a special date combination, that comes each year. It is, 1111; that is 11th Nov. 2014. (11-11-2014) 

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