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Tuesday, 24 December 2019

The Mathematics of Relationships, AI and Human Eco space

Category theory provides a structural framework for mathematics and is on its way to becoming a language for consciousness in the universe.” Learn how it relates to Haramein’s Holofractal Universe.

Forbes Magazine recently shed light on the fact that “there is a growing belief that the current understanding of science cannot wholly explain human life, mind, and consciousness, nor can it explain the nature and origin of life, matter, the environment, the universe and reality“. It summarizes a podcast held by the Author Jayshree Pandya called Risk Roundup, where she discussed Category Theory for application in cyberspace, aquaspace, geospace and space (CAGS) with Mathematical Physicist and Professor of Mathematics Dr. Baez.
Beyond doubt, the human body is an open system, so physical laws that do require a closed system, are applicable only under certain conditions – a mathematical framework for open system could improve our future creations. New Technologies require a better understanding of communication in a collective of entities and within its environment.
“In any system, we are dealing with on Earth, it is always very fundamentally an open system – its constantly being affected in unpredictable ways by the outside world and it is also affecting the outside world in unpredictable ways.”
Professor (Dr.) John Carlos Baez University of California, Riverside

“Based on the Mathematical Universe Hypothesis, the emerging reality is that we live in a relational reality. What does that mean? It means that the properties of the biosphere around us stem not from properties of its ultimate building blocks, but from the relations among these building blocks. (…) self-organization is an obvious principle which is embedded in our description of the universe (…) If an individual being is seen as a single unit, what defines and determines our behaviour and relationships?” the article reads. You can find it here.

RSF In Perspective

On Objects (Electrons, the Universe, and the PSU):
– Haramein’s Holographic Mass Solution (HMS) has been shown to be precise for astronomical objects like the Universe and Black Holes (Quantized Gravity), as well as for nuclear objects like the Proton and the Electron (Quantum Gravity). Now the recent paper by Haramein & Val Baker: Resolving the Vacuum Catastrophe: A Generalized Holographic Approach shows, in concord with lack of experimental proof, no need for dark matter or dark energy to describe universal dynamics.
– The Holofractal Universe provides an understanding on how the fundamental forces are structuring the insides of measurable fundamental objects. The Basic Building-Block Unit required for Category Theory would be in this case the tiny Planck Spherical Unit (PSU), a spinning grain (Voxel) of the quantum smoothie called spacetime.

RSF In Perspective

On Morphisms (Entanglement, Micro-Wormhole, Bonds and Relationships):
– One of the three mathematical entities in Category Theory are called morphisms (also known as maps or arrows). Each morphism f has a source object a and a target object b. Entangled states in the micro-wormhole network of spacetime voxels co-creating complexity and awareness would be ideally represented by morphisms, as both Category Theory and the Holofractal Universe Theory have topological fundamentals.
 The Unified Spacememory Network: from Cosmogenesis to Consciousness (DOI:10.14704.nq.2016.14.4.961) by Haramein, Brown and Val Baker discuss how feedback-loops of information flow are required for realistic timeline of the emergence of our universe. The exchange happens over the boundary via micro wormholes of holographic quantum entanglement with the outside world.
 Unified Physics and the Entanglement Nexus of Awareness (DOI: 10.14704.nq.2019.17.7.2519) published in May 2019 now further explains a mechanism of vacuum-state correlation of quanta in the neurobiological system resulting in a co-dependency of states. The information processing of awareness is discussed with reference to DNA, microtubules and coherent electromagnetic emissions by both water nanostructures and biomolecules. This explains how the rise of complexity via awareness guided entanglement can be expressed biophysically and leads to the resolution of the binding problem and the information loss paradox.

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